Terms and Conditions Social Media Offers

Terms and Conditions (for clients of offers promoted on social networks – without contract):

  1. By purchasing any of our services promoted through our social media accounts and/or internet advertisements, the client accepts that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the service provided by the B S & Co Agency.
  2. The following terms and conditions are subject to change and may be modified without prior notice.
  3. The customer will pay the full price of the service prior to starting it. In the social network management service, once the client issues the payment in full, then a representative of the B S & Co. agency will contact them to request that they provide access to their social network accounts.
  4. The cancellation of the service will be carried out on a monthly basis once the fourth week of work is completed (this clause applies as long as there is no written Contract between B S & Co. and the client).
  5. The cancellation of the service is carried out automatically by B S & Co. if notification is not received no later than 5 to 7 days before the expiration of your month of service.
  6. In the event of any breach described in our terms of service, the B S & Co. agency may immediately cancel the services. The agency will not make a refund or credit for canceled services under any circumstances.
  7. The client must provide with the greatest clarity the data and requirements demanded by B S & Co. in order to provide the agency with the necessary tools for the adequate execution of the contracted services. If The Client did not contract the graphic design services of BS & Co., the client must present and provide BS & Co. with the designated graphic designer in advance and he must provide BS & Co. with all the material (photos, videos, arts) to be used in the promotion 5 working days before the publication date. If the Client contracted the graphic design services of BS & Co., the Client must provide the graphic designer appointed by the agency with all the material (photos or videos) that he wishes to promote with 5 working days before the date of publication.
  8. Clients who have requested services for the design, development and implementation of web pages or online stores must provide the data and requirements demanded by BS & Co. with the greatest clarity in order to provide the necessary tools for the adequate execution of the hired services. Websites or online stores take 24 – 120 business hours. In some cases it may take longer than mentioned if the agency believes it prudent or the client has not provided complete information.
  9. Customers who have paid for services of design and creation of Logos, Websites or online stores, have a period of 7 working days to provide all the information requested by the B S & Co. agency. If we do not receive all the information requested, the service may be canceled at the discretion of B S & Co. due to delay and lack of information material. Under no circumstances will the B S & Co. agency make refunds or credits for canceled services.
  10. Each payment that the client makes must be notified to our team, either through our email or WhatsApp, attaching its support (Screenshot / Transaction number, date, etc.). Once B S & Co. receives the payment, we will immediately send you an invoice with the detailed services. WE DO NOT REFUND MONEY OR MAKE CREDIT FOR SERVICES UNDER ANY CONCEPT.
  11. Failure to receive a notification from the client to create the content for their social networks within 5 working days from when it was requested may lead to the partial or definitive suspension of the publications and services established in the plan selected by the client until for contact to be restored. If we do not receive any communication within the following 5 days, a letter will be sent via email notifying the cancellation of the service immediately.
  12. In the event that the client decides for any reason to suspend the agreed services (for clients without a written contract), he must inform it within a period not exceeding 7 working days from the date of payment in case of having any payment plan. If the notification is received in advance, the plan is canceled and the client is left without any debt, however WE DO NOT REFUND MONEY OR MAKE CREDIT FOR SERVICES UNDER ANY CONCEPT.
  13. In the event that the client reports the suspension of the service outside the period mentioned in the previous clause, the client must pay the balance of all the expenses generated by our team up to that date, if they have any balance with us (for clients without written contract).
  14. In the social network management services, the publications on each social network will begin after 7 to 10 business days, once BS & Co. has received all the information required to provide the Social Network Management services, to that in this way the BS & Co. team has at least two weeks for the design and programming. The start may be subject to change if the agency does not have all the information on time.
  15. In the first month of work with new accounts for the social network management services, it is possible that monthly publications are made outside the stipulated dates, due to the fact that part of the days of the month are used by our team for the study. of your case, the design of image and identity, graphic profile, etc.
  16. B S & Co. guarantees the execution of the established services chosen by the client, maintaining direct and constant communication with the client.
  17. B S & Co. guarantees the security and privacy of the passwords and data sent by the client related to its brand and its accounts on social networks and will not be published or disclosed for any reason.
  18. B S & Co. guarantees a prompt and timely response to all our clients through different means such as WhatsApp, Email, Telephone, etc.
  19. In the event of the punctual non-execution of any of the established services chosen by the client, B S & Co. undertakes to carry it out in prior agreement with the client. However, if the delay is due to lack of material and information by the client, the service may be temporarily suspended.
  20. BS & Co. reserves the right to provide the service as it deems, even during an active service, if there is a lack of communication, information, payment balance or under any concept that the agency deems necessary if it may affect the course and results of our work.
  21. The costs established in each plan or service may vary according to the seasons or flash offers and B S & Co. will notify all customers and prospects in general through social networks of all changes in offers.
  22. It is totally prohibited to copy, share and supply information as well as strategic methods disclosed by B S & Co. to the client. All information provided will remain under strict confidentiality between agency B S & Co. and the client. Failure to comply with the aforementioned will entail the cancellation of any active service together with a fine from two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars to five million ($5,000,000.00) dollars for plagiarism and damages that could be caused to BS & Co.
  23. All types of graphic art services approved by the client will have a charge of seventy-five ($75.00) dollars for each new edition of the design that the client requests.
  24. If the Client does not contract the Public Relations services of the BS & Co. agency, the agency will collaborate as much as possible with the client so that he can provide the material to the Public Relations Officer, to guarantee that the intellectual property he holds over the design is respected.
  25. B S & Co. will provide the information and documentation requested by the Client at all times.
  26. B S & Co. will not change, alter, correct or adapt the trademark design that the client has delivered to the agency, nor will it use it for a purpose other than that agreed between the parties, without the consent of the Client.
  27. B S & Co will perform an initial evaluation of the client’s marketing and social media strategy prior to commencing any social media management services. This takes a period of up to seven (7) business days.

* In specific cases of payment delays for any reason, the client must notify BS & Co. to take the necessary measures in said case so that the service is not suspended.