UETA and E-SIGN Act Consumer Consent Disclosure

  1. Right to Receive Paper Records:

You have the right to receive paper copies of any electronic records we provide to you. If you prefer to receive paper copies, please contact us at: [email protected].

  1. Withdrawal of Consent:

You can withdraw your consent to receive electronic records at any time. To withdraw your consent, please follow the instructions provided below:

  • Contact us at: [email protected].
  • Specify your request to withdraw consent.
  • Understand that withdrawing consent may result in termination of any payment plan contract thereby resulting in collection of the balance owed in full.
  1. Scope of Consent:

Your consent applies for multiple transactions, and ongoing communications. This includes all records, disclosures, agreements, and notices that we provide to you electronically.

  1. Hardware and Software Requirements:

To access and retain electronic records, you need the following:

  • A device with internet access.
  • A current web browser that supports 128-bit encryption (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
  • Software capable of viewing and printing PDF documents (e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • An active email account.

Please notify us if these requirements change and affect your ability to access records.

  1. Requesting Paper Copies:

To request paper copies of electronic records, please contact us at: [email protected]. There may be a fee of $15.00 for each paper copy requested, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Providing Updates to Contact Information:

To ensure you receive electronic records, please keep your contact information up to date. You can update your information by contacting us at: [email protected]. Failure to update your contact information may result in you not receiving important electronic records.

  1. Consent Confirmation:

By agreeing to receive electronic records, you confirm that you are able to access and retain electronic records provided to you, and you acknowledge that you have reviewed and understand the above disclosures.

Additional Information Specific to the E-SIGN Act:

  1. Affirmative Consent:

Before providing electronic records, we must obtain your affirmative consent to use electronic records. You must provide this consent in a manner that reasonably demonstrates your ability to access the information in the electronic format that will be used.

  1. Statement of the Hardware and Software Requirements:

We have stated the hardware and software requirements necessary for access and retention of electronic records. If these requirements change, we will notify you and provide you with the option to withdraw your consent without the imposition of any condition, consequence, or fee that was not previously disclosed.

  1. How to Contact Us:

If you need to contact us for any reason, including to update your contact information, withdraw consent, request paper copies, or if you have any questions about these disclosures, please use the following contact information:

By using our services, you agree that this UETA and E-SIGN Act Consumer Consent Disclosure, our general Terms and Conditions Agreement, our Additional Terms and Conditions Agreement, and our Privacy Policy, all togetherconstitutes a single agreement.