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About Us

We live in an accelerated and complicated world in which relationships are fleeting, communication is virtual, people are on a fast track and if you don’t move they push you, honor is transitory and trust is hard to obtain. News comes fast and furious, and we are constantly under barrage by thousands of messages from the time we open our eyes in the morning. A changing business world, where what is innovative and works today will no longer work tomorrow.

B, S & Co. is a digital era’s full-services award-winning, multicultural advertising agency; and was founded, in order to help brands, products, services, events, companies and personalities to have under the umbrella of a single firm, the digital marketing services, strategic communications, and top-notch interactive technologies services to effectively capture the attention of the targeted public and inspire immediate action. Our commitment is to continually follow the road that needs to be taken in discovering opportunities and to never to lose sight of the objectives of our clients, who come first for us.

We have an award-winning team of professionals (including awards and nominations for Grammy, Emmy, other local, national and international awards), who collectively have over 20 years experience and have offered their services to companies within all types of industries. We are known for our great ideas, intelligent and resourceful initiatives, and people who give their all to obtain excellent results. We have a department for traditional advertising and strategic communications services, a department dedicated to interactive technologies, and one dedicated to digital marketing.

We offer services in Puerto Rico, Florida, we have satellite offices in different states of the Continental United States and have the technology to offer outsourced and remote services. Also, we have the flexibility to reach between both Western and Latin markets.

If you want to know a little more about us, we at B, S & Co. are waiting for you to sit down, have a coffee and learn more about your project.

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